I am a dancing artist and set the intention of empowering people through dance. We are all instruments of the DIVINE and I’m happy to share how we can allow these cosmic energies to EXPRESS through us! I share my gift of dance at festivals, conscious dance parties and music events.

Please contact me and we can discuss if my dancing is a nice match for the event you are looking to create.

I have been dancing as early as I could walk in Budapest and a child in Amsterdam. I have integrated many rhythms into my movement from all the world. I have grew up taking ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop classes and later gravitated towards 5 rhythms classes. I learned shamanic dance from my father and would improvise on any topic freely as a child.

A also consider community building as an artistry of expression and interconnection. Here is a portion of my talk given in Guiyang, China at the 2013 International Shamanic Research Conference. I presented on on community building inside of shamanic context (mythology and traditions) which will soon to be published in Coreopsis, a journey of theatre and myth:

“Shamanic online community building is the practice of applying shamanic values and principles to community building where the intent is to empower, heal and develop community members into leaders who fulfill their goals and desires. Our intention was to create dialogues  about their own myths and legends which empowered people to take ownership of the historic rebuilding of their ruined villages.

Shamanic online community building is intentional in creating sacred spaces for community members to share experiences, goals and connect with each other. In the background of these moving and inspiring Facebook group conversations was the legendary context, which empowered engagement and action. The context cradled the conversation as one that proposed that you are living a legendary life.”


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