Heart Healer

IMG_5769I am currently designing healing programs to support our precious heart’s healing, living from the heart and sharing heart centered communication!

My healing background comes from my own physical and spiritual self-healing and becoming attuned to my true nature. If you’d like to explore this journey for yourself please contact me at meraszendro@gmail.com

I am currently bringing my heart healing LOVE to festivals in the Northeast area and will be offering a program where you can rediscover and create the love medicine of your heart to share with your beloveds and humanity.

For now, if you are looking for more energy, a more fulfilling experience of life and a more satisfying connections to the people around you I am offering half hour and hour phone calls to support individuals in the following ways:

– Create a daily routine that rejuvenate and revitalizes you!

– Get re-attuned to your natural rhythm

– Rediscover your heart as your true compass, calm you mind and discover your life’s purpose

– Learning to listen to your heart



“Mera, you are soooooo loved…soo special, thanks for this, sharing and receiving with you is divine” – Jodhwei Joundica


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