Global Network Builder

One of my greatest joys is building relationships for movements, organizations and businesses. I build relationships that are WIN WIN for both partners. I’d love to hear about your initiative and share with you how my strategic expertise in engagement and relationship building can fuel your success!

These are the services I offer for organizations:

  • Build and organize your membership databases so the data has more value for you
  • Advance the ways you communicate with supporters so you have a responsive community supporting your goals
  • Build collaborative efforts with strategic partners in your local and national communities
  • Frame messages to a large variety of local, national and global communities
  • Support your interaction with impactful coalitions
  • Manage volunteers and consultants to create events/promotional videos/general outreach
  • Develop participatory events which convene stakeholders or provide a space for your supporters to collaborate

These are the services that I offer to businesses:

  • Engage your current customers in new ways and create relationships with your customers that keeps them coming back for your products and services
  • Build strategic partnerships for you locally and internationally that raise the profile and popularity of your business
  • Fresh content strategy for your blog/website by producing videos, blogs and other media content for your website
  • Offer you easy ways to manage your online presence efficiently 
  • Create a Facebook and Twitter account for your business and consult with you on how to engage your followers so that it generates revenue for your business

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