“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Mera in 2010, see her in action supporting Google’s freedom of expression agenda in 2012, and now follow her upward career path. She is one of the most adept people I have ever met at building and enhancing key partnerships, across a wide swath of the information economy. Mera has the uncanny ability to identify stakeholders within large sector networks, and then generate substantial relationship capital that deepens mutual trust and enables lasting coalitions. Those skills were on ample display when she helped advance Google’s freedom of expression agenda via the “Internet at Liberty” event. On top of her impressive skill set, Mera is passionate and committed in her pursuit of positive social change on a grand scale. I have no doubt she is primed to accomplish some truly great things.” – Rick Whitt, Corporate Director for Strategic Initiatives at Google Inc.

“Mera came into the OneWebDay community (and later Mozilla Drumbeat) like a bolt of lightning – energetic, focused on impact. She is one of few people whose passion for big ideas fuels her day-to-day execution of details large and small and for whom the day-to-day does not dim her passion. She has already accomplished much, always with very few resources at hand. I expect big things from her, especially when her turn comes to lead larger projects over the coming years.” – Nathaniel James, Mozilla Foundation, Drumbeat project

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Mera during my time at PRC. We partnered on the production of a short film and often consulted one another due to the similar nature of our roles (communications). I have to tell you, I am SO IMPRESSED by this woman. Mera is insanely creative, an inspiring collaborator, a natural leader and has a “can do” attitude. I am sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of where her career will lead her — I bet it will be to great heights!” – Amber Yoo, co-worker at New Media Rights


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