Voting is now open for my proposed session for the National Media Reform Conference!

My National Media Reform Conference session proposal, “Communicating Media Reform to the public and potential organizers” can be voted on right now!! Please take a moment to vote, the process is easy, I promise. If you need more convincing to vote for this session, I wrote this post especially for you.

Communications strategy in media reform is one of the most important elements of successful organizing. Right now younger generations and energetic conscientious people are very motivated to create effective change. We must communicate that media reform is the issue that changes all the others and how to be active locally and on a national level.

In order for the media reform movement to progress people interested in putting time and energy should feel that they can make a meaningful contribution and know which coalitions and organizations they can align with for support.

In local communities, in colleges, in activist groups : How do we turn people’s attention and energy towards supporting the media reform movement on local and national initiatives?  What language is most successful in communicating about issues of media consolidation and net neutrality? How are we as a community of communicators  empowering people to make meaningful change in media laws and believe that they can?

This session would be all about how to infuse movement building and how to improve the communication tactics of the movement- what is lacking and what improvements could be made.

This panel would include a range of organizers from different parts of the country discussing how they are successfully communicating particular elements of the media reform movement.

The panel could focus on questions topics, including- How groups are effectively:

– Communicating policy changes around the Comcast-NBC merger

– Driving messages on Net Neutrality/an open internet ?

– Showing individuals that they have a personal stake in shaping media policy?

– What messages have been most effective when talking with legislators about open internet/Net Neutrality and media consolidation and local PEGs?

– What tools are available to communicate messages, which work and which do not in our experience?

Some key ideas to get across:

-Establish what works in gauging community needs: (survey’s, meetings, town halls)

-Tactics on communicating complex media policies

-How can people get involved in organizing and what do we need to improve on to build the movement.

-How to use events like One Web Day and Mozilla Drumbeat which connect people with media policy issues in a fun innovative way to engage communities (I’ve been a lead organizer on both events).

The goal of this is to share tactics and models for successful media reform campaigns and actions. This session would strengthen the skills of all activists interested in strengthening the media reform movement.

”Communication” by Flickr user Daily Pic shared under Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic Creative Commons License.


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